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In an attempt to keep things fresh and keep stagnation at bay, I wanted to bring together some of my favourite snaps from the last 12 months or so. Pitiful I know, but blame the 9-5 :)

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It is a vital element of any marketing campaign to consider the potential rebuff of the community. This is also known as social media crisis management. A term businesses and organisations are familiar with. Yet with the exception of world-renowned artists, actors and celebrities, social media crisis is rarely mentioned in the context of an individual. And why would it be?

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Much of the time I use my time in the air by proofing docs, slides and the like. MEH. On this occasion however, I decided to just kick back and enjoy the delights of EasyJet and it’s lovely clientele.

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It was a pleasure to deliver again in the emerging market of Romania.

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With one Warrior Run down, it seemed rude not to do another :) Here is the proof that yours truly, SG, is a Warrior!

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Within my role as Head of Social and Content at White Hat Media, I am finding more and more of my time allocated to project management and problem solving. Strangely enough I am not one for puzzles, but in the context of people and client management I find it intriguingly satisfying.

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I have been doing a fair bit of lecturing and training recently. Fulfilling, but oh so tiring. The fruits of learning have also not been waste on SG, as I continue to fine tune the balance of leading my team for client social media dominance and building my public training influence. 

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