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Please excuse my French but for those that don’t know, if one was to be looking for the definition of an English person this link may prove how easy it is to game the Google SERP.

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The number of online service subscriptions people now have is growing at an exponential rate. The days of a software licence are long gone as we move to a monthly pro-rata price model. The de facto of online consumerism is becoming licence-free; Gym memberships, software titles, online services (SAAS) are a few examples that have thrived under the pro-rata subscription.

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  • Business Insider has changed... So has the folk that read it. 7 hours ago
  • Microsoft buffs up OneDrive with more free storage 1 day ago
  • @ee Is it a percentage of a months contract? A whole month? What? Please realise I'm looking for an answer here 1 day ago
  • @ee Can I cancel the contract without incurring a cancellation fee? I know how to, I don't don't when 1 day ago
  • @ee Are you only servicing people who express an interest to upgrade, or those that have purchased the iPhone 6? 1 day ago
  • @ThreeUKSupport I know what you can do, I already have a plan ;) 1 day ago
  • @ThreeUKSupport hey you guys! I already have a tablet plan, but want to bring my mobile across as well. Any sort of discount available? :) 2 days ago
  • @EE Hey guys - My contract expires in November. I can upgrade in October. When can I cancel? Can I do it online? 2 days ago
  • The 10 Things you can do with the Documents App for iOS 3 days ago
  • The Scottish referendum was more than Man City Vs. Dundee United, @VincentKompany. Stick to football, stay out of politics. 3 days ago

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