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Hootsuite Must Implement and Implement Now – Missing Tools For Real Social Media Measurement

Posted on: February 27, 2011

I have noticed recently I have been getting a healthy growth in followers on Twitter. My following numbers are still very low and rather easy to keep track of. I get an email update informing me of when someone else has decided to indulge in my ‘indulgement’ and narcissism. It’s easy to manage. All good! As part of my usual 9 to 5 duties, it is my responsibility to update White Hat Media’s Facebook page and Twitter account. It’s a nice job to do as I get to source down lots of interesting news that the people following will find of interest. BUT, and this is where my rant starts;

Why Doesn’t Hootsuite support ‘New Follower’ Tracking?

I use Hootsuite Pro ($5.99 a month for all the bells and whistles) to update my two twitter accounts, the White Hat Media Facebook and Twitter accounts, client Facebook pages and clients Twitter accounts. I enjoy using the service and think it’s a very good Twitter client, regardless of being online or not. It takes a pretty awesome service to get me to go beyond the initial trial stage but Hootsuite have done just that.

How is this for a scenario:

A pizza company is offering their 4,444th follower a free pizza. They get copious amounts of followers in a 24 hour window frame. How are they to track this? How do they hunt down follower number 4,444?! By counting through their thousands of ‘new follower’ alert emails?!

I know the API supports the feature because the desktop client TweetDeck does (FOR FREE!). I am not the only user of the service to want/like/demand this feature to be included, as highlighted in their forum pages. It would be useful purely as an audit marketing tool.

So please Hootsuite, if you are not going to reply to me on Twitter or react to the suggestions in your help forums on your site, please read this blog 🙂 please…




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