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Social Media: A Big Week Indeed!

Posted on: July 7, 2011

It has been quite a week for social media for a variety of reasons and working for a social media agency gives me the opportunity to look at what is going on within the social sphere.

On Monday, social media sparked into life and proved its political might by the outrage that ensued following on from the NOTW phone hacking allegations. Now we know that plenty of social media storms come and go with very little impact to organisation/ individual. Dare I say it; that is the point. We can have a moan about the hot topic of the moment and once it gets cold and boring, we move on to the next thing.

In the case of NOTW, there has been impacts with the prospects of more! At present the Halifax bank, Virgin Holidays, The Co-Op Group, Vauxhall and Mitsubishi have suspended their exposure in the newspaper. Npower have also claimed they are considering the boycott too. This highlights that businesses are not only listening to us on Twitter but are very willing to act upon our expression of opinions. These companies should be commended for such a positive stance to such disgraceful journalistic practices deployed by the disgusting NOTW. I can now quite safely say I hate The News Of The World.

This week also saw the mass (Beta) arrival of Goole+, the new social network from Google. It is early days but Google looks to have put a lot of work into the platform and I look forward to future releases. In my opinion Google have been rather slow realising the potential of social media (they’ve waited for Facebook to amass 700+ million members to release their own) and really need this to work. With news that Google are rebranding the likes of other social media platforms such as Picasa and Blogger, their intent is clear that they want this one to work and are willing to throw a lot of weight behind it.

Facebook also revealed their new video chat service, powered by Skype. It will no doubt be a huge hit with Facebooker’s. Skype has always been a great service to use and I hope with this tie in, you can bring your Facebook contacts to your Skype contact, similar to what you can do with Spotify.

This feature highlights the embedded partnership Facebook and Microsoft have mustered and is only a sign of things to come from these two online love giants!

I work for White Hat Media who are a social media company that specialise in social media strategy.


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