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My iPad Rant. Not Asamoah Gyan.

Posted on: September 17, 2011

This post was meant to be an insightful and analytical analogy piece of why I thought Asamoah Gyan’s contrived moved to the UAE was similar to how companies are rushing into social media without considering the consequences of doing so.

Instead, it is going to be a rant of how my iPad 2 decided to fucking delete an hour and half’s work without so much as a warning. At times I feel rather smug whipping out my iPad because it is such a convenient tool to own. It’s as light as it is powerful, and as fun as it is practical but sometimes it is just plain and simply fucking retarded in function.

Within the Pages app, files are by default (and in pure Apple style they think they know best and there is no way to customize) in date-opened arrangement. What the fuck? How the fuck? Why the fuck?! Is this useful to anybody? Surely a far more logical execution would be to have files arranged in most recently modified order… No Apple?!

Neither do I think that it is putting my neck on the line to claim that as the date from when files have been modified is prolonged, the importance of access decreases. Thus:

File1: 1 day since modification = High importance.

File2: 1 week since modification = medium importance.

File3: 1 month since modification = low importance.

Shit Pages On iPad

I understand there are exceptions but go with me on this one. But no, Apple engineers believe the most recently opened document deserves the prize spot in the window.



Written on my iMac.


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