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Farewell Steve

Posted on: October 7, 2011

It’s been a fairly busy month for me (and continues to be) with moving house, some major client deadlines and public speaking events. Time has been so hard to come by that in between sleeping and working, I’ve been working. It was going to take something pretty huge to get me to apply the brakes and it was to be the death of Steve Jobs.

As I write on my iPad 2, check the England score on my iPhone 4 and gaze over to my iMac it is all to easy to see the impact Steve Jobs has had on my life. He has given me a relationship with technology that before Apple, was not possible. A computer is not just a computer when using Apple. It’s a symbol and choice of lifestyle that you choose because you know you’ll enjoy using. Do you buy a Dell for this? For the pleasure he has brought me and the billions around the world I would like to send my deepest sympathies to Steve Jobs’ friends and family at this tragic time.

I find it very interesting to notice that a fan boi resides in all of us in some capacity, yet it takes something as terrible as this for people to realise it. I have realised I’m a bigger fan boi than originally presumed, but unanimous admiration and respect is deserved for a man who has done so much for the world.

I will take great strength from this terrible tragedy. His products will be remembered. His reputation never forgotten.

Good bye Steve.


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