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How Do You Find That Groove Again? I Miss The Gym

Posted on: October 10, 2011

I started off the year with a real incentive to get fitter and healthier. In fairness I have done pretty well. I’ve racked up hundreds of hours and can easily claim to feel healthier and fitter. My performances on the football pitch have improved and recovery time between games/gym sessions are minimal. Yay!

But a month ago I moved house and it threw me completely out of sync. This meant new house = no gym. Where in the past I would look forward to busting out some weights (not much, I can assure you) and running a few K to get the heart beating, now I get home I really can’t find the energy to.

I do miss the gym. Sometimes during the day I think ‘yeah, I should really go to the gym tonight. I will go to the gym tonight!’ I then begin to look forward to it and try to remember the exact weights per gym equipment. Then it will come to home time and the idea becomes sour quicker than leaving milk out in the desert sun. Why? I really don’t fathom why something I really enjoyed at one point (and still do).

It’s frustrating because I’m proud community manager of The Gym Group and I get to feed off the enthusiasm of new and existing members of their facilities. They are opening a number of new venues over the next 12 months or so: The Gym Swansea, The Gym Bournemouth, The Gym Glasgow and The Gym Ealing and daily I am in conversation with hopeful members. Likewise I am communicating with existing members who literally can’t get enough of their gym facilities. I’m sure I will draw inspiration from these guys, and use this to get me back into the gym.

Until then, I will continue to enjoy servicing the gym members that do STILL enjoy going to their local gym. Bastards, but I’ll be rubbing shoulders with them soon!

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