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While OSX Lion Downloads, I’ll Talk LinkedIn

Posted on: October 11, 2011

In preparation and anticipation for the iOS 5 launch tomorrow, I thought I’d bite the £20.99 bullet and upgrade to OSX Lion on my iMac. Going by the current download speed I thought I’d made constructive use of my time and write about my the experience of my first professional public talk that took place last week.

In the early hours on Thursday 6th October 2011 in Midhurst, West Sussex, I delivered a presentation on generating more leads through the social network LinkedIn. It was an event run by Lisa Childs over at Sussex Enterprise and Martin Henley at The Effective Marketing Company.

I really wanted to make the slides my own in aesthetic as I thought this would give me extra confidence in delivering and would also complement what I was saying. Here were the slides:

It was really great to be finally up in front of everyone talking about the things I love alongside a trainer and public speaker as good as Martin. I’d been wanting to do a talk for sometime but it just never happened until Thursday gone. The crowd were lively considering it was a 7:30am start and going by feedback from Lisa and the attendants I spoke to after I should be very please with my performance. Hooray! Happy Steve.

Now that my first is out of the way I intend on speaking at a lot more events. I am already working on a number of other social related slide decks that I hope will see the light of day and public viewing. Anyways, I hope to be doing the same gig around Brighton in the coming months so if you’re interested, check out the Sussex Enterprise website.


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