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Don’t Blame BT, Blame The People

Posted on: November 6, 2011

From what I understand a coalition of film studios, music companies and publishers have formally requested that BT block access to The Pirate Bay. It is all too obvious why BPI has targeted BT as it currently stands as the largest supplier of broadband in the UK. A position certainly threatened if BT are enforced by law to block access to the torrent site.

The creative are justifiably losing a battle to convince illegal downloaders and torrent sharers to adjust their online practices. Creative types and talented artists deserve the fruits of their work but are currently not doing so. Certainly something needs to change.

My problem is though that I see the authorities are approaching this all wrong. Allow me to begin with an analogy. If I were to commit a crime of theft, the police would punish me, and solely me. They would not punish the eBay vendor who I bought my balaclava from. Nor would the police fine the petrol station in which I bought petrol to fuel (no pun intended) my getaway. I would be seen as responsible. I would be punished. I would pay the price of crime.

So why does BT have to endure the hot seat (whilst also getting a brand battering!) because of its law-lacklustre abiding customers?

From this Guardian report, it informs me that a number of ISPs in other European countries (including Denmark, Italy, Belgium Sweden) have been ordered to implement blocking measures against The Pirate Bay also. And of course, BT has already been ordered to block NewzBin2 from its customers.

So please creative industries, don’t blame BT. Don’t blame every Internet user. Blame the people, not the services. Blocking sites will not negate a change in attitude, just a change in behaviour.

Sad times ahead indeed…

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