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The Education System Must be Protected

Posted on: November 7, 2011

Without any shadow of a doubt I believe everyone deserves the right to have access to a decent education. The gift of being able to read, write and consequently understand the world is by no means a privilege but a right in this day and age. As such, teachers, private tutors and other academics should feel extremely honoured to be able to give such a gift. Education is and has been everything to me throughout my life and I thank it for everything I have achieved.

Sadly this still isn’t the case everywhere. In many parts of the world finding the next meal is top priority.

Reading a report today in the BBC explains how 27 universities (this equates to almost a fifth of all universities in the UK) want to change their pricing structure ahead of next years new tuition fee changes. But is it too late? I hope not…

It will not be too long until students will be applying to UCAS. Where do they stand? Should they apply with the uncertainty that tuition fee’s might be places at £9,000 summit? This also brings in to question the role and industry of private tuition. It has been reported that as much as 20,000 students would be encouraged into further education if the average tuition fees were to be reduced to £7,500 or less. I implore the Government to pass these ‘last minute’ changes. If people are being priced out of university how will education and its supporting industries suffer?

Some universities are in the opinion that leaving students and FE institutions scrambling for last minute places based upon the cost of the tuition is no way to offer a first class education system. Seriously, has the UK become desensitised to the need of an education? If so, Cameron is certain having an impact on this country but not for the reasons he should be. Education is and should not be based upon who can afford it, but be offered to those who want it!

I have recently been working with Simply Learning Tuition, a company specialising in London based private tutoring and working with them highlights how desperate our next generation are at achieving the best grades possible to have a fighting chance to study what they truly want to.

The education system is not fair but who said life was fair ‘eh…


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