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Google+ For Brands Arrive: RUUUUUUN

Posted on: November 11, 2011

Three days ago (Monday 7th November) Google announced the arrival of Google+ Pages for brands. After having a couple of days to play around with the platform. I’m both pleasantly surprised and bitterly disappointed with the features.

I like:

  • The ease of uploading images
  • No ads
  • Clean, uncluttered layout

I would like:

  • Multiple administrator functionality (like Facebook)
  • Vanity/customised URL’s (like Facebook)
  • Mobile functionality (to send Page updates on the move) (like Facebook)
  • Analytics integration
  • A full open API (like Facebook)
  • Google Places Integration
  • Greater flexibility with Circles
  • Pages and Hangout integration

Certainly more features are expected soon from the Google guys.

Multiple administrator functionality:

Working with Approved Business, the Business to Business Directory, I have realised that it no matter how hard you can work it takes a team to bring success. Google knows this too yet it decided not to include a multiple administrator function in Google+ brand pages 1.0. It will come, we’ll just have to be patient 🙂

Vanity/customised URL’s

For any brand big or small, it is important that you make it as easy as possible for consumers to either A) connect with you and/or B) recognise you. With the current Google+ URLs, they are not brand friendly whatsoever. Here, I’ll compare a clients (The Gym Group) Google+ and Facebook URLs:



I rest my case.

Mobile functionality

Often we’ll find ourselves out of the office, meaning we have to take the office with us. Along all of their other services, Google is push, push pushing mobile functionality which is fully understandable. I’m sure Google are testing the waters before adding further functionality.

Analytics integration

Everyone knows Facebook Insights sucks. Big time, hence the proliferation of third-party apps like Sprout Social and Hootsuite.

Google Analytics is an awesome tool for on-page website analysis and it would be awesome to see a social version in Google+. Everyone loves something after all, be it garage doors or stem cell collection, or fox skin slippers (????). As a brand using Google+ analytics, you’d be able to bring your search and social attempts into near autonomous harmony, diminishing the dreaded ‘what ROI is this social media bringing me and my business’ concern.

I have spoke before about how awesome this would be at the Social Media Blog: White Hat Media.

A full open API

Google as always been pretty open with development of its API’s but at present, the Google+ API is limited to only a few users. I want to be able to set-up Google+ in my third-party apps for scheduled updates.

Maybe a holding back of open API is a sign that more features are to come? I hope so…

Google Places Integration

One of my clients is heavily location based, with almost 20 locations around theUK. Being able to link their Google+ profile with their claimed and authorised Places location would be an awesome feature. This would aid local search results by attracting new and engaging with existing customers.

Add the element of Google+ analytics and Google are on to a clear winner here!

Greater flexibility with Circles

I’ll admit it, one area I have done the least amount of experimentation is the pages circle feature. This is because I can really see the benefit (or the difference in the case of Twitter) of a brand circling people that follow its page. Fair enough, follow the few ‘advocate’ or how I like to call them, ‘the gobby little shites on the wall’ but is that it? Maybe I’m missing something…Needless to say I am thankful for the feisty Facebook individuals as it keeps social media, social and alive.

I’d like to be able to do something in affect to custom segments in Analytics. So have a ‘male’ Circle who I can send targeted updates too. A ’18-25 years old’ age group Circle etc. etc. That would better Facebook’s targeted updates feature.

Pages and Hangout integration

I’m currently working with a number of education organisations that are looking to use social media as part of their service offerings. One that specialises in private tutoring and home tuition. How cool would it be if a tutor could link a number of students together via a Hangout? Alternatively, if a student had a question, he could get a real-time answer via video with YouTube support.

For education and remote learning, I can see Hangouts becoming a huge tool.

Your move Google 😉


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