Steven Gradidge. Hi :)

People Are Stupid.

Posted on: November 19, 2011

  • People smoke, regardless of the various ‘Smoking Kills’ propaganda
  • People don’t responsibly. In fact, people go out to drink with purpose irresponsibly
  • People speak quietly to someone when bad mouthing someone in spite of them being miles away/out of sight
  • People moan about others not going to see them and/or gossiping about them.  As they moan they continue uploading everything from their latest bikini wax to the size of their sanitary pads on Facebook
  • People seem to want to spell EVEYTHING incorrectly on social media, despite a general cultural consensus that spelling =equals intelligence.
  • People post the same “TFI Friday” conversations. On a Friday. Every week and appear to surprised that it has come around yet again.
  • Have all your contact information (including address) on an open account while checking in to various places. ‘Dear robber, please take my stuff’.
  • Poke someone. They WILL NOT SLEEP WITH YOU. No they will not.
  • Uploading location/picture updates through social media during a period of sickness. Fail.

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