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SEO Services: A Friendly and Free Piece of Advice

Posted on: November 25, 2011

I was delivering a workshop the other day to a large global company at their head office. Everything went very well. SEO and local/location consultancy was the agenda. Their team new their stuff already which meant it was an altogether different session than if it was with a table full of learners.

They have an existing SEO agency that has been working for them for a fair while it seemed. They asked of my opinion on a number of aspects they believed to be a little, shall we say ‘shady’. Indeed, a number of tactics they were employing were very traditional techniques in building links and equity back to the client’s website. I was diplomatic in advising that maybe they could do a number of more modern techniques. Alas, something they said shook me which I feel the responsibly to tell you as well as anyone else who may deal with such a shoddy SEO agency. The agency claimed:

Links are not really worth reading.’

I could deliberate over a response to this all day long but I won’t. Anyone who knows a thing about SEO knows that this is completely the opposite of the truth. Links are worth reading. Links that are worth reading are links worth having. It is as simple as that. If your agency is building links in places that are getting no eyes, they are links not worth the clicks that cost to build them.

I currently work for White Hat Media, an SEO Company <—- Now there is a link worth having… and reading 😉


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