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Google SEO #Fail

Posted on: December 5, 2011

Are Google in need of some link building services?

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[…] As far as 68% of the Internet was concerned English people are cunts. By jurisdiction of that 68% Google is systemically labelling the English folk as nothing other than a fleshy, child-bearing aperture. Each and every single one of us. I daren’t make a noise about something so minor, trivial and insignificant though. Who would listen to me anyway; I’m a cunt. I certainly hope no one else is to search ‘define an english person’ and bare the possible insult that awaits them. Shame on you Google. Again. […]

Well it takes personal browsing history into effect, so I’m assuming that you probably use a lot and if you DO use google, it’s in the browser URL bar, or some other sort of toolbar, which doesn’t give entry to the home page.

Just sayin… I can see you logged in, which skews search results tremendously.

Hi bibowski,

I’ve never once used dogpile. I use Chrome the browser, which works just as effectively (in terms of source) as using the Google homepage. I also have web history disabled on my account.

My use of Google massively outweighs my use of the other search engines listed, so that doesn’t really make sense either.


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