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Let Sport and Education Work Together, Not in Contrast

Posted on: December 8, 2011

Throughout my days at school I was always a bit of a floater. A little bit here and a little bit there. Not a turd of any sorts (even though my jokes sometimes are).

In one group I would participate in games of ‘Wembley’ and fight it out to the death in order to be crowned winner/champ/chump of the ‘tourn. The prize you ask? Respect that one gained in beating everyone else. Other by-products included a fitness test and a jolly good time had by all, even the losers. The consequence of winning often was a fast track way of gaining a first-degree honour in humility too.

Skills: Respect, fitness, humility.

In other circles I would be fighting it out to try and figure out the available proxy server sites that the school filter system had turned a blond eye too. The prize you ask? Porn at school and for a 14-year-old boy that is a huge deal. Holistically teams would develop and compete against one another. You daren’t lose. You often daren’t win either as this ensured you the first slap on the wrists from ‘Sir’. Nevertheless good times were had by all.

Skills: Ingenuity, communication, teamwork

My friends were very often in contrast to one another. One set did their thing while the other set did theirs. Often this hyperbole of difference came purely down to the battle of body and mind. Physical ability Vs. mental capability.

As someone who has come through the English education system, from primary through to degree, I have a pretty good understanding by now what the Government believe is important to children as part of a solid education. Possibly it helped being a luddited geek but I love sport but was always appreciative of a solid ‘textbook’ education.

I don’t really see why ‘jocks’ should regress in the prospect of class time while geeks scorn the benefits and time spent on sport. A snobbery that would put the East and West sides of London to shame.

In a child’s education a football or cricket bat can be (and was in my case) just as valuable as a book. Sure targets can be measured in respect and humility but are these any less important than a C in food tech?


*Disclaimer. Not proof read.


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