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Easy With The Racist Card. Please.

Posted on: December 18, 2011

I am generally very accepting of people. No matter what walk of life you are from I will accept you until I get proof that you’re a wanker. To get by in life nowadays you have to, otherwise an industrial tribunal would find its way to you quicker than you can finish saying it. Be it a turban or a cap, I really couldn’t careless. Wearing a Crystal Palace shirt is a different story…

As history as proven time and time again, when poverty hits its peak, tension between classes and cultures also heightens. People look to blame ‘the other’. What really gets my goat is the intensifying sensitivity our country continues to embrace on the subject of racism. The accusation of being sexist or homophobic in some circles can be construed as a badge of honour. Accuse someone of being racist and you turn the heat up. People justifiably feel the need to defend themselves because of the connotations the term bestows. Sadly people are throwing these accusations on a whim and to be perfectly honest it’s starting to really piss me off.

  • Sharing a gay joke doesn’t make you a homophobe
  • Sharing a jew joke doesn’t make you anti-Semitic
  • Sharing a black joke doesn’t make you a racist
  • Sharing a French joke doesn’t mean you dislike the French
  • Telling the old ball and chain to get back into the kitchen and fix some dinner kind of does make you a sexist

We digress…

Sharing these jokes may make you a bigot. Sharing these jokes may well highlight your ignorance’s but not a racist? People are far too sensitive nowadays taking offence to anything remotely unsavoury. People need to grow some thicker skin. One must always consider (and does) the feelings of others but as a nation and society, we need to toughen up and lighten up. Where has that endearing English need to crack jokes left, right and centre gone? I miss it. Jokes are funny. Jokes are healthy. Jokes are a ruddy good laugh.

This is my point: There is a world of difference between someone being insulting and someone taking offence. Lets not confuse the two.

There are racists out there. There are incredibly ignorant people too so lets these rise to the top of the parapet without the need of an accusation. On a lighter note I implore you to watch this:

Notice that last comment by Money Mayweather? Blackapino. Racist? I’ll let you guys decide that one but judging by the comments, Mayweather makes it funny.

P.S. I’m quarter French so this gives me the licence to tell all the French jokes I want. Slaps from Nan to follow.


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