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Define Google As A C*nt.

Posted on: December 27, 2011

Please excuse my French but for those that don’t know, if one was to be looking for the definition of an English person this link may prove how easy it is to game the Google SERP.

My initial reaction was to consider it as a comical golden egg. The clear result of a politically driven ‘Google Bomb’ for people to see and smile but the more I thought about it the more concerned and agitated I became.

As far as 68% of the Internet was concerned English people are cunts. By jurisdiction of that 68% Google is systemically labelling the English folk as nothing other than a fleshy, child-bearing aperture. Each and every single one of us. I daren’t make a noise about something so minor, trivial and insignificant though. Who would listen to me anyway; I’m a cunt. I certainly hope no one else is to search ‘define an english person’ and bare the possible insult that awaits them. Shame on you Google. Again.

It has been another week of racial debate in the news with Alan Hanson being condemned for his use of the word ‘coloured’ to describe athletes of (predominantly) African descent in the EPL. His words were humble and had every good intention to be respectful to those being named and those watching MOTD. Sadly Mr. Hansen still managed to offend several thousand people enough for them to submit complaints to the BBC Goliath. Rants on Twitter also came from the likes of footballers Rohan Ricketts and Stan Collymore and music artist @Example.

Little do they know but Ricketts and Collymore (and blacks, coloureds or whatever we must refer to them as) are indeed the problem. Are they too racially hungover from the slave-trade to realise that they are actually fuelling racist sentiments among the vast majority of decent, free thinking and broadminded people who are totally fed up with the political correctness eating away at our fundamental right of freedom of speech. The freedom of speech us ‘cunts’ have fought tooth and nail for.

Of course Alan Hansen quickly made an apology to those offended. And of course I quickly lost respect for the guy for offering such a servile and entirely unnecessary apology. A clear sign he values his £40K an episode on MOTD over a lifetime of dignity.

I implore you to watch this video of Pat Condell:

Well well well… Diversity is apparently a bad thing now. I do seem to struggle to keep ahead of these cultural fads.

Racism and racial/ethnic bigotry will never be defeated by focusing on trivial arguments of semantics. The truth is that the ‘labour-PC’ culture has rendered us frightened to say anything that we think may be construed as ‘racist’. This is the same Labour lead by none other than Bigot Brown. His dogmatic and spiritless Labour Party seized on the culture of suppression through PC and cultivated it to a fine art. Once again I must stress that their is a fundamental difference between being insulting and racist and the two should not be used in conjunction with one another.

If the truth be known, England is one of the most inviting and least racist countries in the world, offering extensive help and hospitality to people escaping from REAL persucation. We largely offer help irrespective of colour, creed, gender and sexual orientation. This fascination people have with persecuting anyone in power or the public eye needs to disappear as quickly as it came to develop otherwise it will be more than just the grandparents at Christmas complaining how things have changed and once were.

Merry Christmas x

Steve (a la cunt)


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