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The Value of Knowledge

Posted on: February 2, 2012

The amazing power of the Internet has the possibility of not only quenching our thirst for knowledge regarding a particular subject but it can fester an obsession so intrinsically embedded into your Internet usage that your ‘quench’ soon becomes about as replenished as Ghandi’s flipflop. In other words, Your thirst gets worse. I’ll go on…

The more you learn. The more you want.

However what you know isn’t the label of value. The real benchmark is how someone else values what you know, or what you do because of what you know. Knowledge certainly is king and trumps all and this is why. If you think of something you have recently done and in hindsight, regretted. If you have had known now what you now know, would you have done the same? This may be an obvious answer to an obvious question but it serves as a fundamental message: if we know more, we are worth more.

The value of worth is a contentious concept. Like beauty, it is very much in the eye of the beholder. Or better still, the wallet. An issue arises when one’s value of knowledge is higher than the ‘beholder’.

Knowledge isn’t typically exchangeable, but infinitely shareable. Funnily enough this doesn’t make it any less valuable. With this in mind, its imperative to know more wouldn’t you say?


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