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Packing for Japan. An Awful Concept.

Posted on: March 12, 2012

It’s a funny old concept if you think about it, packing. A gamble. An all or nothing attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff from ones materialistic being. The constant and tedious mental to-and-throw ‘should it stay or go’ debate. MEH.


As a marketer I find this concept extremely difficult to comprehend. Not because I’m a precious darling and like talking arty-farty strategy, but because decisions such as whereby commitments of a grand magnitude are made on rich, meaningful data. However when packing for a trip we only have the weather report to go by, which is about as reliable as a teenagers temperament would you not agree?

Furthermore as a digital marketer this makes not just the concept of packing uneasy, but the process equally as alarming.

With all kinds of analytical data at my disposable at any given time during the day, I can see which ‘touch points’ are working best. I can see where my clients are spending their money and seeing a return on their spend. Which ones to keep and which few to cull. Simples [said in an Eastern-European meerkat accent].

I can’t do this with packing though. I have to put all my proverbial eggs in one basket and hope that they last the 6,000 mile journey.

T-2 days…


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