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From West to East. Back to West. Then The Far East (Hopefully)

Posted on: March 15, 2012

Well sadly I’m not yet on my way to the homeland of Pikachu. Neither am I in Amsterdam. I’m in London Heathrow (LHR) and about to make my way to Paris (CDG).

It’s been a frantic morning of swinging from West to East London and back again in the attempt to salvage back the trip to Nippon. Here is how it went…

Train Journey (Hammersmith >; London City Airport)

An early start for me and @ReneeCorsie indeed, alas the hit was made softer with a via trip to Costa.

District line was/is shit. Jubilee faired far better. DLR was Tonka-toy like. Announcement system obviously on the blink which to the benefit of comedy resulted in a ‘Pontoon Cock’ call announcement (and there was me thinking Cockfosters was as good as it got).

Baggage dropped off easily enough at London City Airport (LCY). Said the few last goodbyes to @ReneeCorsie and went through to the departure lounge. Or Italy.

I may well be a rookie as far as flying from LCY but seriously, everyone looked Italian or some other Mediterranean variant. A lounge with Prada man-bag wielding, puffer jacket donning, greasy hair flicking Lucatoni’s. There was also this delight:


Not that any of this was bad (with the exception of the hat of course), just a mere observation. I also caught someone playing Solitaire on their HP… Bless.

Ate a crap sandwich.

Then shit struck. Three hours after I was meant to be flying out all flights were cancelled to Amsterdam due to the severity of the fog. Fuck indeed.

A mass queue ensued which involved reclaiming baggage and negotiating flights. I was one of the lucky few to get an available seat on a Narita bound flight via Charles De Gaulle, Paris (CDG). I of course snapped it up and took solace that I was still going to be flying out the same day.

With bags in tow I made my way back over to West London at the cost of two and a half hours, £22 and fart smells on the Hammersmith and City line.

Checked-in bags. Boarding pass attained. Paris next… Then Japan.


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