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Brighton Vandalism.

Posted on: April 11, 2012

Seriously when I saw this no more than 20 yards from my front door, I was incensed with anger. Please read on.

Does common decency and pride in the appearance of your locality have to suffer in the fight against capitalism? Apparently so.


Yes. Capitalism does suck. It sucks massive balls. Big balls! But it doesn’t suck half the balls of that of the individual who decided to de-face this wooden fence. 20 yards from my front door.

Yes I am a NIMBY. Why shouldn’t I, or anyone else be? I have to look at the every morning on my way to work, my journey to the pub. Even Costa at the weekends. One was always taught; ‘never shit on your own doorstep’. When someone shits on it, I take offence.

If I catch whoever did this, I’ll choke you with my balls. That’s a promise.


4 Responses to "Brighton Vandalism."

difference between graffiti and vandalism? Vandalism sucks ( like capitalism) and is for idiots (etc.)

I wholeheartedly agree with you.


I do like graffitti, i hate vandalism, plenty of it about. My office/workshop, was used as a practice canvass. I wouldn’t of minded, but the artist/vandal was crap…
Andy O.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for commenting. Brighton is filled with areas exampling some really fine graffiti work and I, along with many others love it!

But this isn’t work. This isn’t art. This is pure juvenile vandalism.

Some people just get a little carried away I guess.

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