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#BrightonSEO – The Missing Link

Posted on: April 14, 2012

It was yet another seamless BrightonSEO event held by Kelvin and his team at SiteVisibility on Friday at Brighton Dome.

There were some great talkers offering an array of thought provoking topics of discussion. Full of win. One subject that seemed to escape the radar of the speakers on the day was the impending EU cookie legislation. By no means is this a criticism, just a topic SG was expecting to be covered on the day. So why did so many brilliant speakers avoid the issue of the EU cookie compliance law when it promises to have such a fundamental impact on not just the SEO industry, but the Internet as a whole?

My suspicion is, as an industry, we are still quite happily playing ignorant. It’s easier to do than to fully investigate it and liaise with clients, third-party agencies, development teams, stakeholders etc. about the issues the law intends to uncover. Furthermore, this will mean budgets will need to be revisited in order to get the compliance implemented by the required (NOT desired) deadline date. Doomsday rather.

…and I stress: required. NOT desired.

First we must stop ignoring it. We can’t resist against the inevitable fact that soon, we will need to have the conversations we are not looking forward to having. Time to man up and The realisation is that the EU will no doubt look to come down hard and heavy on sites that are not compliant. Be it a fine, closure or castration by means of a blunt and rusty knife.

So put it in your diaries now: May 26th 2012.

Tick, tock, tick, tock…



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