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Pinterest: Shut The F*ck Up About It

Posted on: April 21, 2012

I was one of the earliest adopters of Pinterest. I was sent an invite by a friend a number of months ago when they were rolling out the service via public beta. I remember I was genuinely excited about getting an invite because I love trying out new services that look to fill a void or niche market (Cool Story Bro…). Does Pinterest do that?

Does it make me cool, that I got it before the vast majority of the online community? No. All it means is that I registered an account before the masses caught wind of the latest and greatest social network in town. Or is it?

Over the next few years we shouldn’t be surprised to see a number of other social networks try to muscle in on Facebook’s monopoly. There is vast money to be made from it and it seems you only need to be slightly successful to get a few hundred millions dollars thrown your way to close-up shop. Mark my words, we will see lots. Shit loads!

There is a good reason why Pinterest is now the world’s third largest social media site whilst also claiming title to the fastest ever growing social network. Ever. This is because we are a world of social networkers. We are now happy using them. Communicating through them. Organising dates on them. Heck, even living our lives on them. It is safe to say that as a web generation, we are addicted to the ease of consuming content on Facebook, Twitter and the like. We are now socially networked to the eyeballs and saturated within the digital ecosystem of communication.

Let’s take a moment and evaluate what Pinterest is. It’s a photo sharing social network. It’s intoxicatingly voyeuristic with a premise wholly on the consumption of imagery with an incredibly alluding name to boot. It’s minimalist in design, pretty much clean of text and the signup process is virgin-quick. But it is only a photo sharing social network. That. Is. It. This isn’t new and it appears others are realising this oh so terrible news too. Don’t just take my word for it though, take a look at some of latest usage statistics…


It appears as people consider to jump ship across to Pinterest, the Pinterest boat is sinking.

This is what I have been telling my clients: ‘let’s keep an eye on it and see how it develops as a platform and then evaluate its potential as a marketing/communication platform in a couple of months’. How very holistic of SG, but I genuinely believe it.

So the next time a new Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Google+ (LOL) killer is announced, let’s not piss ourselves in excitement and avoid the digital pandemonium that ensues. Agreed? Good.

Quora anyone?

Rant over. Much love. x


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