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Please Critise This Blog Post. Please.

Posted on: November 17, 2012

As of late SG’s blog has become quite a rant rag, but there are certain stories that need highlighting, that need commenting on and dare I say it, they need fucking ridiculing. I just so happened came across a belter the other day: ‘Man demoted from managerial position following his opposition to gay marriage’. SG was intrigued by the hook line and read on…

The lucky few of us who live in a society whereby we enjoy the freedoms of free speech is all too often taken for granted. This liberty appears to be under threat however, with a man recently losing his managerial job and getting a 40% pay cut. Ironically the man made his comments on Facebook, but his employers thought his opinion made his position untenable. Bollocks.

To set the record straight, SG is all for same-sex marriage, but he is also 100% accepting that people have a different opinion who wish to criticise it. It is within THEIR RIGHTS to criticise it. Well, so we thought…

When SG was younger, mother used to say ‘you can’t get on with everyone, dear.’ With this in mind, should we as a society expect to accept everyone within it? Of course not. Acceptance is a choice. Not a lawful (or social) obligation. Religious expression (from what I believe comes under the Human Rights and Equalities legislation) is a fundamental right to every British citizen, regardless of outlook, opinion and insight. Internal politics and regulations cannot conflict these fundamental rights either.

I for one do not believe that religion should have a play to part in law implementation, but quashing opinion will only create an even larger problem; an underground hatred for minority groups that could fester into real abhorrence, not just a mere difference in opinion.

So please Mr. Cameron, pass the same sex marriage law, but please don’t use this law to treat those against it as social outcasts or right wing ‘gay bashers’.

In the end justice was served. It was ruled by the High Courts that the man had been demoted unlawfully and was rewarded damages. End ending.


Grow a bleeding backbone, public sector.


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