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A Nice Little SG Update…

Posted on: March 8, 2013

SG has been rather terrible as of late with what he deems as important maintenance of his .com. For the want of a better description, I have been off the fucking planet busy. Happy busy though.

So I thought I’d take some time out to update y’all…


Continuing and growing responsibility at the coal mine has meant increasing travel, even more time out of the office and as such, more work required out of the office. It’s all fun and games though 🙂

Increasing talking opportunities has meant lots of spare time prepping material and scripts.

    Nuts Challenge: Done.

My first assault course has proudly been placed under my belt. It went very well, clocking a time that set me in 60th out of over 1,000 competitors.

Completing it has most definitely made me focus again on why I am training so hard. I started to miss the odd training session, but the pride in completing the 6k in quite unpleasant conditions has relit the flame!

I was far fitter than I thought was, which leads me to my next point…


It’s going very well. I’m now clocking 16km runs in and around the hour mark, whilst also adding Insanity, squash, football, the gym and the occasional cross-country run for good measure. I’m looking to get my hands on a downhill bike so if you have one, or know of anyone selling one on the cheap, SG is your man.

My next event is Warrior Run, 12km… Bring it on! Then of course it’s Tough Mudder, a shit in the pan, 20km.

    New Haircut

Yep, new haircut. Longer on top. Shorter on the sides. *thumbs up*


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