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Public speaking – It’s all about the private preparation

Posted on: August 8, 2013

I have been doing a fair bit of lecturing and training recently. Fulfilling, but oh so tiring. The fruits of learning have also not been waste on SG, as I continue to fine tune the balance of leading my team for client social media dominance and building my public training influence. 

As a bit of a follow up to my 10 public talking advice tips blog post, I wanted to lament on what really goes on behind the scenes. The often misunderstood and forgotten about realities of standing up on front of people for a couple of hours like a cacophonous muggins.

My continuous learning’s include:

  • The hours of meticulous research required to develop a custom-client deck
  • The hours spent on trains, planes and public seating areas reading brief documents
  • Late night hotel visits rehearsing, ensuring your shit is in order and together
  • The hours of script and story board development
  • The careful time management of building the deck amongst leading a growing social media team
  • London really is a bastad to travel around, in spite of a network as big as the TFL. Sometimes taxi’s (and more recently, Halo!) are the only way to travel
  • Doing your research on the attending delegates is crucial at ‘bespoking’ content to the audience
  • Realise that you can appease 99% of the audience, but never 100%. The statement ‘there is always one’ springs to mind
  • Never rely on wifi working. Ever

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last point is so true!

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