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Go To B&Q and Be Different.

Posted on: October 4, 2013

Within my role as Head of Social and Content at White Hat Media, I am finding more and more of my time allocated to project management and problem solving. Strangely enough I am not one for puzzles, but in the context of people and client management I find it intriguingly satisfying.

Although much of PM’ing involves efficiency, I find that a large chunk of the role involves creative thinking. Alas, to be creative you need to do something else, contrary to what you are currently doing to find the solution. Solutions are not always finite, but frequently transient meaning flexibility is just as valuable as creatively. So please find my tips of being creative/flexible:

  • Begin my doing something different.
  • Look for inspiration in places that you rarely go – (strange pub, DIY shop etc.)
  • Consider the false to be true. Sometimes what we think is impossible isn’t so
  • Challenge the way you think, not just what you do
  • Close your eyes and sit (This always helps to communicate verbally)
  • Visualize the solution before the problem

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