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Manchester City Vs. Leicester City – It got me thinking

Posted on: February 6, 2016

Not only should the 1-3 result come as a surprise to even the seasoned football fan, but it should act as a kind reminder that success comes from being effective, not prescriptive.

Manchester City had over £220 million investment walking off the pitch at the end of 90 (+4) minutes. Leicester on the other had a mere £22 million. Chat shit, got banged indeed.


Let me tell you a story…

When I was 14 I was on a school ski trip in Austria, marvellous it was. A couple of friends and I decided to take part in an inter-school slalom competition, which ultimately saw me crowned as champion. But how did I do it?

I strategically placed myself to the tail-end of the runs, giving opportunity to see what paths worked, what corners caused problems etc. I certainly wasn’t the best skier (I’d never skied before!), but I was the quickest and knew what I had to do to be in with a chance of winning*. Like Leicester City really.  The football cynic will bemoan the long ball tactic that Ranieri and his men deploy, but what works for them is ultimately… working.

The tenuous link between the champion-elect of Leicester City and social media is this; social media is a tricky and complicated space and too often you get the ‘Manchester City’ result – the biggest spenders get the biggest impact. However there is something to be admired about a super efficient, lean and almost robotic brand that knows what the game plan is.

In recent weeks I’ve been looking to see if there is any research on the perfect ‘anatomy’ of a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram post. I have found bits and pieces, but nothing solid. But why is that? I’d like to see more brands announcing, reporting and sharing with me (and fellow marketers) that they are experimenting. Is not knowing a sign of weakness? You’d be forgiven for thinking so by the piss-poor results Google threw back at me.

So now I am having to do the testing myself and actually looking forward to it. I’ve already started and wanted to share a few preliminary learnings.

I am a firm believer that testing should be finite. I’m not saying test findings shouldn’t be regularly reviewed, but one tests with the aim to reach a result, right? Spend a significant amount of time designing your social media tests. Do what works and do more of it. Keep variables consistent. Bring people who you believe have little ‘value’ for a neutral perspective (e.g. legal time are always a good laugh 😉).

There needs to be more of a Leicester City mentality. A belief that YOU will do what works for YOU. Let others spend and fail. Let others experiment and test. Play, win and keep on winning.

SG x

*I also got the opportunity to talk to the rather attractive ski instructor, which through a certain amount of dialogue, offered to wax my skis. Winning.


2 Responses to "Manchester City Vs. Leicester City – It got me thinking"

Defining what winning is – is the part most often left out of social strategy.

Which is why it isn’t effective. Good thinking in here chap. Also good work on the -s-a-l-o-m- ski instructor win.

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