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Apps Steven Gradidge Likes.

I like my iPhone/iPad/MacBook Air/iMac. Here I will share with you some of my most used and favourite apps…

Last updated: 6th February 2016

Telegram (iOS & OSx) – A cleaner, leaner (and meaner?) alternative to WhatsApp. Certainly my go-to instant messaging app. Love the extension downloads on offer too.

WhatsApp (iOS) – This app is amazing. So amazing that it has taken pride of place in the dock on my iPhone. It works just like BBM, only better. You can send text, pictures, audio notes, contacts and even your location! Works on iOS, ‘droid, Blackberry and Nokia.

1Password (iOS & OSx) – 1Password saves ALL your incredibly important data (passwords, membership numbers, serial keys, wifi keys etc.) behind ministry defence password security. I sync it with my Mac, iPhone and iPad all through WiFi.

Hootsuite (iOS & OSx) – Twitter is great but Hootsuite makes it so much better! I’ve used and tested a plethora of Twitter clients but I have always returned back to using the Owl. The new reports are amazingly powerful and bring some serious value to my daily Social Media monitoring (SMM). Bravo team Hootsuite.

SkySports Centre (iOS) – No matter how hard I try I can’t be in front of a TV every time a game of football is on 😦 fortunately SkySports have catered for such an occasion with their Sports Centre app. Every goal, every team, in every league. NB: may upset the Mrs!

Dropbox (iOS & OSx) – Dropbox is awesome! With it’s amazingly slick and seamless system integration and UI it operates as a consumer level cloud service, allowing access to files/folders wherever an Internet is available. I use it daily and is a frequent lifesaver 🙂

Calvetica (iOS) – This was a random find in the App Store, but what a find! It’s everything the system loaded iCal isn’t. Buy it, download it and I bet you won’t use iCal on your iPhone again!

Camera+ (iOS) – The iPhone 4 has a brilliant camera but sometimes an ‘off-the-shelf’ image doesn’t quite muster! This is where this app saves the day. Lots of cool colour filters, edit functions and even Social Media integration (obviously!).

Tiger Woods PGA 2012 (iOS) – It’s golf on an iPhone. Perfect.

Fifa 2012 (iOS) – Once again, football on the iPhone. ‘Nuff said.

Evernote (iOS & OSx) – If I’m not reading a book I’m fiddling through a shitload of articles and industry blogs. It’s hard to remember where you’ve read a particular ‘how-to’ guide or why ‘Facebook isn’t Facebook after all’ blog post but luckily Evernote does. An almost glorified bookmarked, I use it to save all my favourite reads so I can use them later for inspiration 🙂

GroupSMS (iOS) – For some reason, Apple still refuse to implement the simplest of features e.g. SMS Groups. Despite Nokia boasting such features since the crusty 3310, GroupSMS on iOS fills the void Apple seems to have little interest in filling. Two fingers up to you Apple!

Flipboard (iOS) – If you have an iPad you must get Flipboard. In a slick virtual newspaper interface, one can read his RSS feeds, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and more. It’s free too!

Reckless Driving HD (iOS)

Pages (iOS)Despite my rant, it is by far the best word processing app on iOS at the moment and a worthy purchase.

Keynote (iOS) – Once again, not much to choose from with few competitors releasing via presentation alternative but Keynote is an easy to use application and highly recommended to any public speakers/presenters.

WordPress (iOS) – The first few releases were incredibly buggy but since 4.*, the platform is a lot more stable and user friendly. Easy to use and highly recommended. PSSSST, it even includes your blogs stats. Noice!

Kindle (iOS & OSx) – The fact that no matter what device I am reading something on, Kindle doesn’t mind. It will always keep me updated and for that I love the Kindle service.

Google+ (iOS) – I’m loving G+ at the moment and Googles native iPhone app works very well indeed. Just need more people to be using the platform now…

Spotify (iOS & OSx) – I bit the bullet and paid for the mobile membership as I thought the freedom it offered over local storage trumped. I was correct and would implore anyone to do the same. Cloud FTW!

Natwest (iOS) – Optimised for both iPhone and iPad. Natwest are on top of their mobile strategy and ahead of their competitors by a country mile. Wonderful interface, but most importantly, very useful.

Buffer App (iOS) – Use it daily in both professional and personal capacity.


Zite (iOS) – Much better than Flipboard. Genuinely learns the sub-categories you want more of. Well worth a few data bytes.

Slack (iOS) – Great app. Great platform. ’nuff said.

Google Drive – If you’re not yet a convert of Google office suite, get on it. Imagine never having to save anything, ever again? Thank you Google…



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