Steven Gradidge. Hi :)




Chelsea FC

Manchester City

The expression “It can’t be done”

Windows OS

Walking across water after putting on fresh socks

Bad headphones

Dirty trainers/shoes

People not laughing at terrible jokes

Pork scratchings

People walking in the bike lane

Diving (football)

Maverick anarchism

Concentrated fruit juice

Luke warm soup

Finding out-of-date food in the fridge

Hard pears

Soft apples

Chewing gum on the underside of tables/chairs

Not knowing where a bad smell is coming from

The warm, sticky and obviously infectious tube handlebars

Public snogging

Deliberate attempts of public arrogance



Those small beards that align the jawbone

Being stuck on doubles-tops in ‘around-the-clock’ (darts)

Mobile running out of battery

Unforgivable bad customer service (Last Minute, EasyJet et. al)


Going to the salad bar and it being empty of the one thing you wanted 😦

Know all know nothing individuals

Wolf t-shirts/jumpers/rugs/onesies

Poor execution of corporate Social Media

Anything Kardashian related


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