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It has been a month since I moved into my new house and for those who have had to endure the same torrid experience will know that it is by no exaggeration, a living nightmare! At first everything feels strange and unnatural as though you don’t belong in the place you have most likely just put a small fortune deposit down for. For the first few weeks I kept reminding myself: ‘I will make this home’.

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How often do you see ‘social media expert’ in peoples LinkedIn profiles and Twitter Bio’s? A term so loosely thrown around in the social sphere that it holds about as much weight as rocking horse droppings. Apparently close to 16,000 people claimed to experts of the social media variety in 2009 and that number has more than likely increased to six figures by now. As social media becomes ever more embedded into business as it is to drink coffee in the morning and groan about Outlook (simultaneously), the term ‘social media expert’ will start to lose its perceived value or more likely be rejected altogether. Until then, lets look at what we should do in the mean time.

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It has been quite a week for social media for a variety of reasons and working for a social media agency gives me the opportunity to look at what is going on within the social sphere.

On Monday, social media sparked into life and proved its political might by the outrage that ensued following on from the NOTW phone hacking allegations. Now we know that plenty of social media storms come and go with very little impact to organisation/ individual. Dare I say it; that is the point. We can have a moan about the hot topic of the moment and once it gets cold and boring, we move on to the next thing.

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As the likes of LivingSocial and Groupon go from strength to strength, what does this mean for local merchants and service providers in the long run? Social buying groups have hit the net (and our inboxes it seems) like a David Haye right hook so lets take a little look at them.

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