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How often do you see ‘social media expert’ in peoples LinkedIn profiles and Twitter Bio’s? A term so loosely thrown around in the social sphere that it holds about as much weight as rocking horse droppings. Apparently close to 16,000 people claimed to experts of the social media variety in 2009 and that number has more than likely increased to six figures by now. As social media becomes ever more embedded into business as it is to drink coffee in the morning and groan about Outlook (simultaneously), the term ‘social media expert’ will start to lose its perceived value or more likely be rejected altogether. Until then, lets look at what we should do in the mean time.

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A number of us in the office enjoy the delights of the iOS platform, mainly being the App Store. Not only has it given us the opportunity to fling grumpy avarian types but no doubt has helped us be more organised, more productive and certainly more (anti)social. It’s become a business model so successful that plenty of other software developers are directly copying it and tweaking it to their platforms.

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I have noticed recently I have been getting a healthy growth in followers on Twitter. My following numbers are still very low and rather easy to keep track of. I get an email update informing me of when someone else has decided to indulge in my ‘indulgement’ and narcissism. It’s easy to manage. All good! As part of my usual 9 to 5 duties, it is my responsibility to update White Hat Media’s Facebook page and Twitter account. It’s a nice job to do as I get to source down lots of interesting news that the people following will find of interest. BUT, and this is where my rant starts;

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