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It is a very interesting time indeed. Mobile phones are getting smaller. Hard drives are getting bigger. Budgets are becoming more granular with a firm necessity in ROI. Expectations and requirements are changing to pretty much whatever direction the wind is blowing. It is a tough time to ‘innovate’. With the Internet as the vehicle, technology driving and social media as the worthy passengers, it is a great time to be in the online industry.

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Speaking at the MacTaggart Lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Google Chief Eric Schmidt has said education in Britain is holding back the country’s chances of success in the digital economy and I am finding it very difficult to disagree with him.

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For the mainstream media, Facebook has often been the target in the scope. Remember the outcries of privacy despair that ensued the rollout of Beacon? Facebook seemingly monopolised all privacy concerns because it had not only monopolised online conversation, but social data collection too. Have Facebook users learnt anything? Have Facebook? The latter seemingly so but the former; heck no! It still shocks me to see what people upload to their (open, unguarded, open to the public) profiles. Date of births, full postal code addresses, telephone numbers and other personal and identifiable information are a common site.

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Technology and probably most emphatically the Internet has revolutionised our lives (understatement of the century?!), most of which has already been documented. What I find really interesting though is the ever increasing change of semantics and the borrowing from offline to online.

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As many of us are aware, more and more video content is being consumed over the Internet airways. Whether it is a hilarious sneezing mammal, a toddlers finger being bitten or to catch up on the very latest scandal to breakout of Hollywood; video content is a valuable part of our online navigation and is becoming a more alluring arena for online advertisers and marketers!

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To put the post into perspective firstly I’d like to give you a quick snapshot of why a particular story took my interest.

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