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I work in the beautiful world of SEO services and as such, I am lucky to work with clients that operate in an array of different industries. Garages doors, private tuition, b2b directory services, voip telephone systems, holiday packages and more. I am learning something new (and quite often to an acquired taste) every single day.

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It’s been very hard to avoid the attention of the Apple iPad. It’s a lovely device (don’t stop reading yet, this isn’t another fanboy piece!) that brings a plethora of portable practicality. Blackberry has just announced their ‘Playbook’ tablet device which they state is targeted towards ‘busy working people’. The irony of Blackberry still fails to shock me. Samsung have their Galaxy Tab, Amazon have their Kindle and the likes of Acer, Toshiba, HP and others are expected to follow suit with their handhelds soon. Increasing volumes of mobile surfing are fostering a thirst for such devices. Though smartphones offer us a lot of Internet usability, a demand for uncompromised, desktop-like web surfing on the move is there! A place where the smartphone fails to deliver. I’ll refer to it as the ‘mobtop’ platform.

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