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The number of online service subscriptions people now have is growing at an exponential rate. The days of a software licence are long gone as we move to a monthly pro-rata price model. The de facto of online consumerism is becoming licence-free; Gym memberships, software titles, online services (SAAS) are a few examples that have thrived under the pro-rata subscription.

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In preparation and anticipation for the iOS 5 launch tomorrow, I thought I’d bite the £20.99 bullet and upgrade to OSX Lion on my iMac. Going by the current download speed I thought I’d made constructive use of my time and write about my the experience of my first professional public talk that took place last week.

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It has been a month since I moved into my new house and for those who have had to endure the same torrid experience will know that it is by no exaggeration, a living nightmare! At first everything feels strange and unnatural as though you don’t belong in the place you have most likely just put a small fortune deposit down for. For the first few weeks I kept reminding myself: ‘I will make this home’.

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