Mount Fuji: A Wonder It Is Indeed

As SG writes this on board the Fujikyu Express train back to Otsuki, he begins to lament on his time in Kawaguchiko, Fuji.

It required some significant travel to get from Yokohama to Kawaguchiko. Over 4 hours in fact, but it was well worth it in the end. Mountains as far as the eye could see. A large and beautiful soul relaxing lake and a twitchers paradise by the look of some of the common folk. It was also a place for Japanese teenagers and horny couples to spunk whatever they had in mind (and pocket).

Certain parts of Kawaguchiko town gave a very strong whiff of Great Yarmouth. A place where one would tell their parents you were going to with friends to chill out post-exams while in fact all you intend on doing is consuming as much alcohol as is inhumanly possible.


The blighter responsible for this udon-mess woke me up.

Sitting on the cusp of Lake Kawaguchiko, Kawaguchiko holds stock of plenty of cute cabin lodges, a plethora of restaurants, gift shops and of course perfect views of the beast that is Mt. Fuji. As I’ve already said Kawaguchiko appeared to be an area where couples could migrate for a ‘quiet weekend’. If SG had a pound for every ‘love hotel’ he saw he’d be able to solve Greece’s financial deficit. Rivers were flowing, the lake was swishing and the volumes of sperm and sake were a plenty. Kawaguchiko is a countryside paradise that SG implores everyone to visit.

As much as the view was astounding, sadly it did get boring and SG will be damned if he is to cycle around Lake Kawaguchiko again to fill the time (13km on a girls bike does nothing for SG’s cred). Oh, I did go on a cable car though.

So this meant SG had to review the itinerary. Less mountain. Less lake. More urban action. Goodbye Kawaguchiko.


Next on the agenda: Nagoya.

Nagoya is to Japan what Detroit is to the USA. Home to Toyota and Honda (a few more maybe), it is Japan’s fourth largest City and conveniently along the Shinkansen line. Sweeeet.

SG would like to leave you with this little beauty. Enjoy…


Clearly a vote-begging politician anywhere in the world requires a picture that makes them look like a solid tool.


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