I was expecting you.

Firstly, hi! Secondly, do not expect too much more content further down there *points down there* – it dries up pretty quickly from herein. I will try harder in 2020. Promise. I will write more, too. But if you’re interested in my trip to Japan all 7 years ago, they await below. Arigato gozaimasu! SG


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Nagoya, Japan: You Wet So and So

For the twenty four hours that I was in Nagoya it pissed it down. How’s that for a caveat? No beating around the bush with this one. It rained fucking hard. So much so that it almost destroyed all my money, JR Pass and passport from within my waterproof bag. Alas, all was as rightContinue reading “Nagoya, Japan: You Wet So and So”

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