Oh Japan, there you are. Konnichiwa.

It has been over a year in the making but in as little as 3 weeks I will be off to the island of Honshu, Japan. Needless to say I am close to the urge of urinating myself in excitement. No, seriously.

For those not in the know I was due to take this trip this time last year, but the 2011 tragedy that was the tsunami very abruptly put an end to that. By no means is any disrespect meant by what I am about to say but here it goes; the tsunami has certainly put Japan back on the map.

Since the tsunami struck, we have been inundated with media coverage of Japanese culture since the Pacific coast was struck. Often these images have been all to quick to mock, laugh and heckle. If the media moguls have their way we would continue to see only the extreme niches that exist within the shark eating/sushi munching/over working/karaoke singing/sake swigging/dolphin hunting nation. Alas, word on the cherry blossom grape-vine would have you believe that the racist nation of 128 million are not all geisha’s wearing dresses waving fans. You get my point… Or do you?

This is why I am so glad to be finally going. Enough of the pre-conceptions and assumptions. Time to live, breath, eat and sleep Japan. For a whole three weeks 🙂

I’ll be blogging during my three-week tour. I’ll also be snappy-happy with my new, shiny Canon EOS 1100D. For those that are not into this blogging malarkey, this should make the experience of keeping up to date with my trip easy-peasy-japanesey.

Flights booked. Hotels chosen. Japan rail (JR) pass attained. Club scene scoped but until then…

Konbanwa, sayonara!



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