Japan Be a Coming…and Soon.

Why yes, my second post leading up to my highly anticipated launch to the land of Japan. T-minus ten days.


I have my camera. I have my rail pass. I have my travel backpack. All of which I have paid far more than I would have hoped but hey, such is life. Soon all will be forgotten about when I’m tucking into some authentic sashimi, nagiri and the like.

As previously announced the trip has been in the making for well over eighteen months now, which I have tried to take full advantage of. It has given me the opportunity to make my research far more plentiful, hopefully allowing me to squeeze far more out of the time I have on the island on Honshu (certainly a lesson in a professional capacity can be learned here).

It has also helped to put things into perspective. Shit happens and will continue to do so but whatever you do, don’t let it dishearten you and most importantly, don’t let it make you feel you are making the wrong decision.

So to sum up. Japan is close. In just shy of two weeks, I will be in Japan. Not planning. Not waiting. Not deliberating, but in Japan.

Get in!


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