Tokyo, Japan: SG Has Landed!

Konnichiwa Japan. I have arrived and finally too.


The trip over to Paris went as well as expected. A few wasted hours waiting in departure lounges but not a single whiff of garlic. SG was happy. When the Japanese locals started flocking around Gate E73, it became real again. With belief taking a little hit from the disappointment in London (a la fog), Japan became a firm reality again and not just an endurance test set by KLM and the TFL. SG was excited.

In flight entertainment included Two and Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, Mad Men and my personal favourite, The Big Bang Theory. I had a little snooze ZzZzZzZz

Food was surprisingly tasty, the staff were exceedingly helpful. Viva Air France!


I did encounter one problem on the plane though. Everyone thought I was French. A bonjour here, a bon soir there. totally and utterly wasted on a language luddite such as myself yet it was fun playing along still. It was also fun watching a plane sleep filled with people wearing medical face masks. Who ever smelt it…

Collected my luggage with out a problem. Activated my JR Pass with out a problem. Boarded the Narita Express to Tokyo with out a problem. Mastered the Tokyo underground, yep you guessed it, with out a problem. I even found my hotel within minutes of exiting the Ryogoku Station. Japanese toilets on the other hand are a big problem. I did my business, pressed a few buttons and BOOM, out comes a pressure jet that should be used for nothing more than extinguishing forest fires (or in a Brighton bar if you catch my drift). Button, water, scream and prolapse. I’m having to bow everywhere now. Enough toilet talk though, I’m off to Akihabara for some food (probs McDonalds).


This little beauty is from the train to the hotel (NB: the face mask once again)


…and check this, a warm latte in a can. OUT OF VENDING MACHINE!



4 thoughts on “Tokyo, Japan: SG Has Landed!

  1. Hi Mate glad you got there safely,you don’t seem to be having any trouble getting around apart from the toilet, don’t quite know what to make of warm coffee in a tin, enjoy and keep us updated with plenty of pic’s xxx

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