Tokyo, Japan: I Can See, Smell, Taste & Hear Thee

In contrast to the stereotypes in my last post, there are plenty of things I weren’t expecting, which could explain the beating that my senses are currently getting. In London you very rarely get a smell unless you can blame it on someone within close proximity. Likewise apart from the general noise of the hustleContinue reading “Tokyo, Japan: I Can See, Smell, Taste & Hear Thee”


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Go Japan. Go Japan. Go Japan. Go Japan.

As the title suggests, I implore you to go to Japan. This is of course coming from a man that hasn’t yet visited. I’ll explain… Spring just gone I was meant to travel to Japanand go on a three week jolly over the royal wedding period. I had been planning it for five months, savingContinue reading “Go Japan. Go Japan. Go Japan. Go Japan.”

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